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Look Mini, this is your brother, Porsche!

After a Thai couple named their sextuplets after their favourite car brands, Kipp takes a look at seven other car-themed named children from across the world

July 10, 2012 4:41 by

  • The Sextuplets

    A Thai couple named their sextuplets after their favourite car brands — Audi, Fortune, Porsche, Mini, Volks and Fiat. The sextuplets, three boys and three girls, were born at Bumrungrad International Hospital early May but appeared in public for the first time with their mother Duangchanok Wangwitthayaskul, last Friday on the Rueng Lao Chao Nee morning news programme on Channel 3 in Thailand. Duangchanok’s pregnancy was the result of in-vitro fertilisation. After the birth of six children, the parents invited their relatives to help care for children and hire three nannies.

    The six babies were named after their parents 'favourite car brands: Audi (girl), Fortune (Toyota Fortune) (girl), Porsche (boy), Mini (girl), Volks (boy) and Fiat (boy).

    *Image source: Bangkok Post 

  • Lexus

    A Texan couple, Mac Neil and his wife Joanne, decided to name their children after luxury car manufacturers, after she spotted a Lexus SUV parked at the local McDonald’s. She was contemplating on names like Alexis and Alexa, until she saw the luxury SUV. Her daughter is named Lexxus, ‘Lexus’ with an extra ‘x’ on insistence from the baby’s father to make it more original. But baby Lexxus is not alone. According to baby names on social security applications in the U.S., 353 girls were named Lexus in 2000. Another couple, Kirsteen and Stu Vaughan named their Baby girl Madison Lexus after she was born in the car.

    *Image source:

  • Porsche and Audi

    Craig and Sondra Harrington of Kilgore had named their first daughter (now 6 years old) Lexus, so when they found out they were expecting twins, they wanted to keep up with the car-themed naming convention, and now their two newest additions  are named Porsche and Audi.

  • Kia

    Samantha Smyth and Tony Richardson named their baby Kia Richardson as she was born in the back seat of her grandmother’s seven-seater Kia, just before her grandparents arrived at Poole Hospital in Dorset. The local dealership of Kia Motors decided to gift them a car after hearing they had named their baby Kia. And it is the same model baby Kia was born in, with a five-year warranty. Michael Cole, managing director of Kia Motors (UK) Ltd said: “All of us at Kia are delighted for Tony and Samantha and flattered that they have called their new baby Kia after she was born in granny’s Carens. We know how good the Carens is for families – especially growing ones – so we thought we should help them out by giving them a Carens of their own.“We would like to welcome Kia to the Kia family and wish her a wonderful life.”

    *Image source:

  • Chevy

    Roger Karr Jr. had been searching for names for his baby boy for months. But when he watched a movie called “Crank,” with a character called “Chevy” he thought it would be the perfect name for his son. Incidentally, half of his family members drove them, and Roger himself has driven nothing but Chevys, his first car being a Chevy El Camino. When his first-born son arrived, he took bits from the name of his favourite brand of car and his favourite NASCAR driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., to name his son Chevy Dale Karr.

    *Image source:  photographed by JIM REED / The Tampa Tribune

  • Camry

    When Leslie Russell started having contractions she was picked up by her mother to the hospital, but she knew there wasn’t much time to get to the hospital, so she and her mother pulled up to the University of Chicago Medical center, screaming for help. Dr. Heather Johnston, a University of Chicago pediatrician happened to see them and helped Leslie through her labour right in the front seat of her mother’s Toyota Camry. They named the baby “Camryn” in honour of the Camry she was born in. The baby’s full name is Claire Camryn Russell.

    *Image source:

  • Volkswagen

    Chris Redford of Eastbourne, Sussex, UK is obsessed with Volkswagen, his craze for the car made him decorate his home with VW merchandise and memorabilia. He wears over 70 Volkswagen tattoos. He took his obsession to a whole new level when he named his new-born daughter, Scarlet Victoria Willow, with the middle initials V.W.

    *Image source:

  • Jeep

    Richard Gilbert, a Peace Corps volunteer, during his stay  in the Philippines in the early 1960s, attempted to drive a woman in labour to a hospital over 30 miles away. Gilbert’s Willy’s Jeep broke down en route, so the baby boy was born in the back seat. In honour of both the vehicle and the volunteer, the baby was named Jeep Gilbert Ragay.





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