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Luckily, region’s jewel thieves are rubbish

Luckily, region’s jewel thieves are rubbish

The region needs to urgently invest in its criminal training judging by these inept thieves. Just kidding, but on a serious note, perhaps security could be beefed up a little?

September 7, 2010 3:23 by

Three major crime stories caught Kipp’s eye in the past couple of weeks, not because of their daring brilliance or shocking aggression, but in fact because of their supreme ineptitude. The UAE, it seems, lags behind the rest of the world when it comes to super villainy.

Earlier this week Emirates 24-7 reported that a gang of jewel thieves stealing jewellery from duty free shops at regional airports is in detention with Dubai police while the evidence against them is catalogued. The team of three would enter duty free shops pretending not to know each other, and the salesmen showed them each jewellery. Each managed to steal some pieces when the others created a distraction. The thieves than leave to fly on to another Arab country as transit passengers, ensuring there is no record of them fully entering a country.

So far, so competent. It worked just like that when they hit a duty free shop at Dubai International Airport, except for one calamitous mistake: one of the three (all of whom were tracked by CCTV) went to an electronics shop, bought some good and entered a raffle. Yes, that’s right, he filled out his details on a raffle entry, and popped it in the draw. Subsequently the police were waiting when the three Armenians flew back into Dubai. They were all arrested and have confessed to stealing goods worth AED 300,000 from the shop at Dubai International Airport.

The feat of stupidity that helped thwart this gang is perhaps rivaled by another story, this one at the weekend, of thieves who were their own worst enemy. Khaleej Times reports that three men were thwarted in their efforts to break in to a jewellery store late last week. Their strategy was decent enough – they rented a three bedroom apartment above a jewellery store, and used hammers and a drill to make a hole in the floor (the ceiling of the jewellery store). Once again, so far, so good. But when they saw a wire and decided to snap it, they triggered an alarm at Bur Dubai Police Station. Police attended the scene, but the miscreants had made good their escape. The only thing they managed to get away with was a laptop from the store’s office, and that sowed the seeds of yet another mistake. One of the men was arrested trying to sell it on; police are now trying to track down his two accomplices.

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