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Luxurious eco-resorts

The only problem with indulging yourself on a five-star holiday can be the guilt of being so lavish. With these luxurious eco-resorts, you can leave guilt at home.

October 3, 2010 2:10 by

  • The first 100 percent self-sustainable development in Costa Rica, over three quarters of the property has been left untouched as a nature reserve. The resort is also planting more than 7,000 species of trees and plants native to the region. But if you’re worried about tree-hugging spoiling things, don’t – as you can see from the picture, luxury is also sustained.

  • Tagline: “The luxury African safari experience comes to the subcontinent.” Taj Hotels boasts this resort operates on a proven sustainable eco-tourism model thanks to its partnership with &Beyond, one of Africa’s established eco-tourism companies. So you get the standards of Taj, and the expertise of &Beyond, and you get to lounge around on comfy beds like this. We’re sold.

  • Yes, there are cowboys, but this little US escape doesn’t skimp on the comfort. In fact, it’s not even little, comprising 26,000 acres and boasting 1,500 head of cattle. The cowboys look after them though, so you can relax in one of the six rooms or two private cabins with breathtaking views of the mountains around the grassy plains. It does the eco bit too, recently donating a ten year lease to a Trout conservation organization, and renovating the buildings with recycled materials.

  • “Luxury, privacy, adventure.” That’s what’s on offer at this remote rainforest retreat. And we’ll let them sum up their eco credentials: “We adhere to strictly maintained guidelines that ensure that our native plant and animal species survive and thrive. Our teak woodlots guarantee no extraction of rare tropical hardwoods for human consumption. And our education outreach to local indigenous populations aims to replace slash-and-burn cultivation with a more earth-friendly approach, which will provide arable and productive land for future generations.”

  • Believe it or not, not everything associated with Dubai is about burning fuel and consuming resources, though you have to go outside of the city to find this exception to the rule. Al Maha is built in the style of an ancient Bedouin settlement, with plenty of modern day luxury mixed in, including private pools for each suite. Plus, feel good while you hand them your cash – they’re at the centre of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reservoir, and the hotel nurtures an incredible 5 percent of Dubai’s land area.

  • All the water at this hideaway comes from the resort’s own spring and through their own purification system. All the wood used to build the place came from organic plantations, and the resort boasts it is a “haven of luxury in a natural environment.”

  • Get away from everyone else – literally – in the remote Canadian camp. It’s a five star retreat for the romantic, reached only by boat or seaplane, and within a short trip to two national parks. But it’s camp with a conscience, running its own projects to protect and preserve local wildlife, including eagles and bears.

  • The Adrère Amellal is a desert eco-lodge that goes the whole hog – the resort is an escape from just about everything, including electricity. Rooms are lit by candle and moonlight, and the lodge is described by one website as “a mud and salt-brick mirage built into the side of the majestic White Mountain above the shimmering Lake Siwa, its earth buildings blending naturally into the landscape.”


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