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Majority of UAE residents rank WiFi as most desired feature to have in Dubai taxis


Mobile chargers and automatic brakes come second and third, according to YouGov survey

March 30, 2014 12:59 by

According to a YouGov survey conducted on March 17, that canvassed 1,024 respondents in the UAE, top features that people would like to see in Dubai Taxis in the future are WiFi (62 per cent,) mobile chargers (46 per cent) and automatic brakes – if a taxi is in danger of collision (42 per cent). The findings show that nine per cent uses taxis once a day, while 44 per cent uses them once a week and 58 per cent uses them at least once a month. Younger respondents, meanwhile, are more likely to use taxis more frequently (71 per cent of 18- to 24-year-old customers use them at least once a month versus 50 per cent of those aged 40+ years).   Overall, taxis are most frequently used for travel to/from the airport. Gender differences show that females are most likely to use taxis to travel to/from shopping malls (26 per cent versus18 per cent of males), while males use taxis to travel to/from the airport (31 per cent versus 21 per cent of females) and to/from work (20 per cent versus 14 per cent of females). The aspect of the taxi service that received the highest number of ‘poor’ ratings was ‘value for money’ (23 per cent), while ‘comfort of seating’ received the largest number of ‘excellent’ ratings (14 per cent). Metro Taxi was the most familiar taxi company (70 per cent is aware of it), while Hala Taxi was the least recognisable one (27 per cent). The findings also suggest that a majority thinks the service provided by each taxi company is the same, although one quarter of respondents (23 per cent) agreed that they will only use certain taxi companies. Among the respondents that have a favourite taxi company, Dubai Taxi is, by far, the most preferred one. Forty three per cent says taxi services have improved over the past 12 months, 48 per cent claims there has been no change and eight per cent believes they have become worse. Among those that fall into the latter category, most participants say that, if this continues, they will most likely switch to public transport.

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