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March 7

March 7

Dubai Death: 'The Last Assassination of its Kind'?; Loosey Goosey Saudi; How to Get Customers on Facebook and Twitter; Recovery in Progress; Car recalls: from Toyota to Nissan; The World's Most Anticipated Architecture

March 4, 2010 5:43 by

Dubai Death: ‘The Last Assassination of its Kind’?

The murder of Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai may signal the end of an era, says The Associated Press, as it marks the moment when technology caught up with the murky world of espionage.


For Sovereign Debt, its Advantage Lost

According to Bill Gross, manager of the world’s largest mutual fund, sovereign yields are set to become more credit-like, and investors should no longer assume that sovereign debt is airtight, reports The Wall Street Journal.


Loosey Goosey Saudi

After spending 10 days in the Kingdom, Maureen Dowd opines in The New York Times that although Saudi is progressing in a “galactically glacial pace,” the country is starting to shun gender apartheid and cultural repression.


The Internet Will Fail—and Other Lousy Technology Predictions

There have been many pessimistic predictions about the future of technology, says Slate. But in the present digital age, the future is approaching faster than we think, and so, the tech that comes tomorrow will probably be much more awesome than you can imagine today, the magazine says.


How to Get Customers on Facebook and Twitter

Social networking sites have helped turn C-list celebrities into hot commodities and struggling companies into hip brands. But it’s not easy to get followers if you are not famous, says Inc and offers some tips.


Recovery in Progress

Is the glass half empty or half full for world trade, asks the Economist, and says that although a revival is under way, it may be too early to predict a sustained recovery.


Car recalls: from Toyota to Nissan

Nissan is the most recent addition to the list of global carmakers including Toyota, Honda and General Motors, who have all recalled some of their cars because of problems with brake pedals and fuel gauges. The Guardian takes us through some the vehicles which have been affected.


The World’s Most Anticipated Architecture

The global financial crisis crippled the construction industry across the world. Business Week takes a look at some of the projects that have survived, and are set to open their doors, break ground, or gain attention in 2010.


10 Smarter Ways to Reach Your Retirement Goals

The recession has almost certainly ended, and as a shaky recovery begins, Time magazine suggests some savvy tactics to rethink, restore and recharge your retirement dreams.


15 Cool Money Artworks
In a capitalist world, producing art with money seems like a natural thing to do, says Oddee, and checks out some of the most creative stuff fashioned with currency.


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