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Margaret Atwood

How is one of Canada’s most creative novelists connected to one of the most influential businessmen in the Arab world?

March 4, 2009 2:33 by

Isobel Abulhoul

Abulhoul said that the decision not to include Bedell’s novel was taken “based on her knowledge of the Middle Eastern book-reading community after living in Dubai for 40 years.”

“In organizing any literary festival, wherever it is the world, one has to take decisions regarding the target audience,” she said. “I would hope that anyone informed and interested in the differing cultures around the world would both understand and respect the path we tread in setting up the first festival of this nature in the Middle East”

The Abulhoul family owns Magrudy, a chain of UAE bookshops. The first Magrudy shop opened in 1975 selling educational toysm, but books have become the most important part of the business.
Isobel Abulhoul is married to a prominent UAE businessman, Abdullah Abulhoul who founded the newspaper…


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