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Markus Giebel

From royalty to chairmen of powerful companies, the CEO of Deyaar is a well connected man.

June 2, 2009 3:49 by

Deyaar has been in the news frequently this year; and at the forefront of the media coverage is Markus Giebel, the company’s CEO.

This week, Deyaar announced tie-ups with five banks in the UAE, offering its customers financing options of up to 90 percent. Considering the current global economic climate, this is big news.

Prior to joining the construction company in August 2008, Giebel served as the CEO and a member of the board of Vedera Capital, a UAE-based investment firm, since 2004. Before moving to Vedera, he was the vice president of Europe and the Middle East for Corning, a Fortune 500 company.


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