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Mars vs Snickers

It’s the ultimate chocolate bar war. Will the peanut encrusted bar beat the caramel stuffed one, or will it be vice-versa?



The packaging for Mars hasn’t changed over the years. It’s the standard black background with Mars written across in red with a gold outline. We like simplicity. No claims of being the best or healthiest. They know that chocolate isn’t healthy. Period.

Score: 5


The wrapper claims that the bar is 32 percent nougat and 27 percent caramel. It has traces of peanut, almond and hazelnut, so if you have allergies stay far away. The unhealthy stuff? Each bar contains 230 calories and 9g of fat.

Score: 1

Taste and texture:

The chocolate is so sweet and sticky from the very first bite you need a big gulp of water to wash it down. The caramel sticks in uncomfortable places, and the aftertaste isn’t much better either.  The whole ordeal (yes, ordeal) leaves you with a sickening feeling at every bite. Only good for those with a really, really sweet tooth – the kind that’s decaying and your dentist warned you about.

Score: 4

Claim to fame:

British band “The Undertones” wrote a song called Mars Bar, which claims they need a bar of the good stuff to help them through the day. Now that’s impressive. How many other chocolates have inspired a song? Not a mention, but a whole song. British TV presenter David Dimbleby included a Mars bar in a time capsule in 2007. The thought of what the rotting chocolate will look and smell like, years from now when someone finally digs out the capsule, makes our stomach turn. So maybe there is something to this chocolate then, if it makes a bunch of people sing about it and is deemed worthy to save for time immemorial.

Score: 7


Final Score: 17



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