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Martin Newland

How is the ex-editor of Abu Dhabi’s newspaper, The National, connected to the band that brought us Barbie Girl?

June 10, 2009 7:27 by

George Bush

“I believe in prayer. I believe that there is a comforting and healing Almighty, and I’ll ask that their souls be comforted,” Bush said of the American servicemen killed in Iraq during the interview.

Elected as the US president in 2001, Bush was re-elected to the post in 2004. During his tenure as president, he had been criticized for several things – his handling of Hurricane Katrina, high gas prices, the Jack Abramoff scandal, the CIA-leak investigation, the current state of the economy and most of all his war against Iraq.

In 2003, claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, Bush ordered an attack on the country. To date, those weapons have not been found.

Last year, during his last White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, the 62-year-old entertained several celebrities including actress…


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