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Martin Newland

How is the ex-editor of Abu Dhabi’s newspaper, The National, connected to the band that brought us Barbie Girl?

June 10, 2009 7:27 by

Chris Martin

Martin is the lead vocalist and guitarist of British band Coldplay.  The band shot to fame with the release of their single Yellow, which was followed by their debut album, Parachutes, in 2000. The album A Rush of Blood to the Head won several awards and was followed by X&Y in 2005, and more recently, Viva la Vida.

Martin recently announced that he has no intentions of going solo. “Hell would have to not only freeze over, but be skated over and completely closed up. The Pope would have to declare that it didn’t even exist,” he told the Philadelphia Inquirer. If he did come out with a solo album, “It would probably mean that I’ve been dumped by my wife and I desperately need the money,” he said.

He has been married for more than five years to actress…


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