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Marwan bin Ghalita

As CEO of Rera, thousands of investors hang on his every word. Find out who’s part of Marwan bin Ghalita’s close knit network.

January 12, 2009 7:21 by

In August 2007, Marwan bin Ghalita was appointed CEO of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Rera). Rera had been founded only days before his appointment, causing a mild stir among Dubai’s property investors. No one knew what Rera’s role would be, or how it would affect the market until late 2008, when Dubai’s property sector crashed suddenly.
Today, concerned investors are turning to Rera for legal and market advice in the hopes that their investments in Dubai are secure. Many have put their faith in Ghalita’s market expertise, and wait on the authority’s every announcement.
As CEO of Rera, the man has thousands of investors’ hopes riding on his shoulders. But Ghalita has been trained for this sort of pressure: in 1999, he was the first UAE national to head the Survey Division of the Department of Land and Properties, and before he joined Rera, he was the Acting Director of Technical Affairs and Customer Service.


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