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Match making in heaven

Match making in heaven

A Belgian company is offering ‘Marriage in the Sky’, a program that gives couples a chance to literally feel on top of the world.

November 9, 2008 2:04 by

Imagine getting a top-angle view of Dubai’s glittering skyline as you exchange your marriage vows.. While it sounds surreal and too Hollywood, trend-spotting site features a Belgian company, Events in the Sky, which offers just that (though not yet in Dubai!).

The company, which organizes several events including dinners and meetings on platforms suspended by cranes, has just added weddings to its list. Marriage in the Sky is hosted on a platform, where 20 guests are strapped into airplane-like seats and suspended at a height of 50 meters. Marriage in the Sky can be customized to each couple’s wishes; couples can even bungee jump off of the platform after they’ve exchanged their vows. A second crane can be used to suspend another platform at the same height, making room for entertainment or more guests.

Events in the Sky has already been offering ‘Dinner in the Sky’ since April this year, and though the marriage option has not yet reached the city, it has started in other parts of the world, and is bound to reach here soon.

However, when it does, the company will have to market its offer carefully because of the safety considerations. With accidents in the city on the rise (a crane collapsed near the World Trade Center today, injuring a hoarding, and stalling traffic for hours), people will be wary of hanging by a crane. The company claims to have the highest safety and security standards, with approvals from the civil defense authorities.

Finding cranes will certainly not be a problem in Dubai, (it is reported to have the largest number of them in the world), and with its skyline changing rapidly, there is much that the city has to offer from its skies (A recent seaplane ride across Dubai left us feeling quite overwhelmed with the experience).
If you are the adventure seeking type, and have no problem with heights, getting married in the sky is worth considering.

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