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Matters of the heart

Matters of the heart

More Kuwaitis today are suffering from heart diseases than five years ago. What are they doing wrong?

October 19, 2008 11:16 by

The Chest Hospital had performed 61,000 cardiac catheterization surgeries since 1969 until now, Senior Consultant Cardiologist at the Hospital Dr Ibrahim Al-Rashdan said yesterday. Dr Al-Rashdan said that the hospital was one of the first in the world that began performing this kind of surgeries. He noted that in the past, catheterization surgeries were very few in number, but in the last five years, it had increased by 1,000 percent, adding that more than 10,000 operation were performed this year, along with performing almost 2,000 cases of therapeutic interventions via smart electric pillars technique.

Dr Al-Rashdan attributed the “scary” increase of heart diseases in Kuwait to spread of obesity, lack of exercise and smoking, adding that “child obesity” was a dangerous sign that could lead to shortening the life span of children if they continue to gain weight and carry on with bad eating habits. Dr Al-Rashdan said Kuwait Heart Center performs open-heart surgeries, sonar, congenital heart defects and children’s catheter, in addition to electrical intervention among other operations.

The center is the latest opened in Kuwait, with a 150-bed capacity and was run by an integrated Kuwaiti medical team consisting of eight qualified consultants. Dr Al-Rashdan said the center was following developments of heart treatment in the world “moment by moment”, as there were up-to-date techniques in the heart catheterization procedure that needed to be adopted.

He said visiting doctors to the center did not aim to teach Kuwaiti doctors, yet, it aimed at briefing them with the high technical level the center had reached, as well as consulting and cooperating with them in many medical-related issues.

Dr Al-Rashdan carried on to say that cardiac catheterization unit was performing more than 40 operations a day, with a waiting period that would not exceed three weeks from date of request after it used to be up to two months.

The new four-storey building of the center is equipped with latest medical technologies, with all rooms, including intensive care, are overlooking the sea as a form of mild treatment, as the center follows the Canadian system of medical care.

Dr Al-Rashdan had performed several internationally-recognized critical heart operations, as well as training a number of doctors worldwide.

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