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MBAs and the UAE

MBAs and the UAE

With SP Jain receiving some welcome attention from the FT, are things looking up for the executive and further education scenes in the Emirates?

February 13, 2011 4:04 by

But it isn’t just the number of universities that makes it a tough decision; it is also the difficulty of judging the quality on offer and the value for money. The fact is that these UAE universities and branches, regardless of the well established brands they represent or link to, are rather young. And, even if you were willing to disregard an institutions lack of experience, in recent years many such institutions have been shut by the Ministry of Education on account of not meeting ministry academic standards – that’s enough to make anyone think twice. If you are shelling out a minimum of Dh100,000, you don’t want to be left high and dry half way through your program. You could come in one day to find out that your university has packed up and gone home, or (perhaps worse) has been disaccredited.

All of this is why Kipp was pleasantly surprised to read SP Jain business school’s Dubai/Singapore program was ranked 68th in the Financial Times Global MBA list this year. In addition, the Financial Times ranked the university 7th in Asia, 9th among Asian schools on “Value for Money” and 13th in Asia for “International Mobility” and “Placement Success”. And, as Gulf News reports, other universities which have campuses in the UAE that were also on the Global MBA top 100 list include: London Business School, Insead, IE Business School, University of Chicago Booth, New York University, Stern, Duke University, Manchester Business School, City University, Cass, Hult International Business School, University of Strathclyde.

Not having researched it (we’re not in the frame for an MBA), Kipp didn’t even know some of those universities were here in the UAE. But we’re pleased to know that they are, and believe that their presence is a sign that the further educational sector has a previously unknown strength in the Emirates. If things stay that way, we might just be tempted to sign up ourselves (once we have saved the cash of course, so around about 2050).

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