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MBC4 vs Dubai One

They’re free and they’re relatively new. But which channel keeps Kipp entertained?


The look

Could someone explain what MBC4’s break clips are all about? Why is a woman being doused with glitter? What does that have to do with MBC4? Aside from the bizarre clips, the channel’s look is simple and unassuming, which suits us just fine.

Score: 6

In house shows

There are no in house that we know of. That’s probably a good thing.

Score: 5

Program list

MBC4 boasts a host of corny American and Turkish shows that we’d rather not watch, like Rachel Ray and 90120, but it also features Dr. Phil (which we’re addicted to. We know it’s trash) and Oprah. We’re surprised that with all the interesting shows out there, MBC4 opted with The Ghost Whisperer and The Doctors. Who is buying these shows? Were they cheap? Is that why MBC4 chose them? Don’t they have enough Saudi money to buy better shows?

To be fair, however, MBC4 is free-to-air, and until we can muster the cash to pay for cable TV, we’ll be watching the next installment of Khalil and Mirna. This is going to be a miserable summer.

Score: 2

Overall viewing experience

Aside from laughing at the dysfunctional people on Dr. Phil and Oprah, MBC4 gives us little viewing pleasure. Give us some good shows!

Score: 4

Final Score: 17



  1. ibrahim on June 6, 2009 11:25 am

    Just to shed light on something you overlooked in your review. MBC4 is targetting ME women (Hence the glittery women, Opera and Dr. Phil). They have shown large success in the region with the debut of dubbed Turkish shows (I personally would rather stick a form in my chest that watching them).

    I occasionally watch both if a I like a certain show. The problem with One is that their schedule is just wrong (all the good shows are in bad times that usually people use to go out or watch premeir time movies on other chanels).

  2. Nik on October 19, 2009 7:38 am

    Bear in mind that those 2 free to air TV channels are Pan Arabs hence their target audience are mainly Arab men & women which constitues the majority of Ksa, Kuwait, Bahrein, Levant countries …. population ….
    The same can not be applied on the UAE population …

    The Problem with Dubai one is 1. bad scheduling as Mr. Ibrahim mentioned above ….
    2. the absence of identity: they really do not know who they are targeting: gender, age, nationality …. there is a Huge Confusion about their platform …..
    3. lack of innovation

    Overall, Defenitely MBC4 overcomes Dubai One


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