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Mena region faces threat of cybercrime

Kevin Mitnick - consultant and former hacker

July 17, 2013 9:54 by

Are most businesses in the region conscious about these threats and are they taking action?

As data continues to evolve as a critically important asset, one of the biggest security issues facing the organisations is the fact that they lack key data policies. Multiple surveys conducted in the region have shown that companies are unprepared for data breaches and are ineffective at managing their sensitive data more securely. However, the recent spate of high-profile attacks, among other factors, has prompted a review of security policies. According to a security and privacy survey conducted by the global consulting firm, Protiviti, approximately 22 per cent of companies do not have a written information security policy (WISP), and 32 per cent lack a data encryption policy.

According to the research firm, IDC, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) security appliances market will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 9.6 per cent over the next four years to a total of approximately $350m in revenue.

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