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Meetings are dead

Meetings are dead

But landlines and fax are just as obsolete, according to Kipp’s poll. Here are the business communication tools you can’t live without.

August 23, 2010 1:17 by

So where did all the votes go? Well you won’t be surprised to hear that grabbing 90 percent of the vote – precisely 45 percent each – were the twin technological marvels that are e-mail and mobile/smartphones. These tools, which barely existed 15 years ago, are now considered more important to business than face-to-face meetings, VoIP, landlines and fax all combined. Forget being tools of the future, these are the tools of the here and now.

The results of our poll bear out earlier research from companies such as Nielsen. The market researcher was featured in Gulf News last week with the results of its consumer insight survey that revealed 43 percent of BlackBerry users consider the device an “extremely important” tool for business, and 28 percent consider it “very important.” Just 19 percent of BlackBerry users said that it was not a necessary business tool. That means that an incredible 81 percent of BlackBerry users believe the devices are essential to their professional lives.

Nielsen was responding to the well publicized woes of BlackBerry in the region, where governments including the UAE and Saudi are threatening to block it on the grounds of security concerns. It seems both our poll and Nielsen’s study underline the growing importance of such devices in the region to businesses and professionals.

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