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How is the glamorous Lebanese singer, recently rumored to be in Dubai, linked to one of the ugliest creatures in the world?

May 27, 2009 4:44 by


The large, green, physically intimidating and ugly ogre rose to fame with the movie “Shrek” released in 2001. Since then, the ogre has appeared in “Shrek 2” and Shrek 3”, and is set to hit screens again with the fourth part of the series in 2010.

Voiced by actor Mike Myers, Shrek is a peace-loving ogre who alone lives by a swamp, before he is befriended by Donkey, a hyperactive chattering donkey. Currently, he is married to Princess Fiona of Far Far Away, and is also the father of triplets.

He has been a huge asset to DreamWorks, the animation company which created him; according to CNN, the company has generated more than $2 billion from the Shrek franchise. The ogre has inspired a huge range of products: from plush slippers costing around $20, a monopoly game at $35, a Shrek baby bowling package at $160, to even a Shrek Smash ‘N’ Crash Racing Nintendo game at $29.


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