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Mena employees distracted at work, but still efficient

Distracted-at-work survey reveals more than half of respondents find it difficult to remain engaged.

December 4, 2013 12:51 by

Whether it’s social media, talkative/loud colleagues or an uncomfortable office chair, we all face distractions at work, often throughout the day. We all want to focus on new challenges and remain engaged, but according to a recent poll, many of us are unable to do so.

The ‘Distractions at Work in the MENA’ survey, conducted by regional jobsite, reveals that more than half (59.3 per cent) of employees in the Mena region find distraction at work to be a major problem, with approximately 25 per cent blaming social media sites for snatching their attention away from work.

In October, it was revealed that, of the 56 million Facebook users in the Mena region, 26 million are actively using the social network on a daily basis.

The other activities that rank highly on the list of top distractions include colleagues and the chance to socialise (18.3 per cent), news websites (10.2 per cent), work-related matters that are not linked to currently pending tasks (ten per cent), email (eight per cent), instant messaging (4.3 per cent) and YouTube (2.7 per cent).

News and events coming from neighbouring countries seem to be a cause of anxiety for 12.7 per cent of respondents, with 31.2 per cent saying that their work productivity is affected by reading news throughout the day.

What’s the solution?

For starters, maintaining a professional work environment would help 30.2 per cent of respondents to be less distracted, while a fifth of employees would like more challenging work to keep them occupied.

Meanwhile, 23.3 per cent of employees in the Mena region say that they’d be more likely to concentrate on work if they maintained a better work/life balance. In fact, more than a third (37.3 per cent) take short breaks from work once a day.

Fatigue, however, is not a major issue for most employees in the region, with nearly seven out of ten respondents saying that they rarely or never feel sleepy at work.


Interestingly, eight out of ten respondents still believe that they are adequately efficient at their job, despite the distractions, with approximately 74 per cent working from a to-list in the office.

Approximately half of workers surveyed (45.2 per cent) plan their tasks a week in advance, with four in ten (38.8 per cent) planning every morning. More than eight out of ten polled professionals (85 per cent) said that they have set long-term goals to guide them.

Suhail Masri, VP of Sales at, says that the results of this study reveals that a lot more can be done by employers to keep their employees more satisfied and engaged at work.


Do you constantly feel unengaged at work? If so, what is your biggest and most common distraction? Share with us below in the comments section and via Twitter and Facebook.

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