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Mena region coveted holiday hub for residents


Reasonable travel costs and good weather among deciding factors

January 27, 2014 6:25 by

The Mena region has long been a holiday hub, attracting tourists from all over the world. Yet, Mena residents seem to revel in their region even more than foreign tourists, making use of cost-effective travel packages and several close destinations to choose from, according to YouGov Travel Oracle. The survey – which canvassed 32,440 respondents living in the Mena region, and was conducted between August 15, 2013, and September 15, 2013 – reveals that 41 per cent of women and 43 per cent of men travel annually for leisure, while 28 per cent of women and 38 per cent of men travel annually for business.

With Mena countries being rich in culture, history and landmarks, residents find it refreshing to travel to different places, while basking in the hot climate. Overall, 42 per cent of respondents claim that reasonable costs and good weather are among the important deciding factors when choosing a location.

Furthermore, among the most sought-after countries to vacation in from around the world, the UAE was placed as the top destination by 12 per cent, followed by Saudi Arabia with eight per cent, and Egypt, India, and Turkey with six per cent each. All of these destinations have highly coveted tourist attractions, such as beaches, historical sites and areas of cultural significance, which is what holidaymakers seek when going away to relax or for an adventure. The UAE was cited by eight per cent of respondents as their dream destination, which is understandable given its multicultural attractions and its agreeable climate.

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