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Metros mushrooming across the GCC

Metros mushrooming across the GCC

Saudi Arabia started work on a 39 kilometer metro in its capital, Riyadh. More will follow suit.

November 10, 2009 12:33 by

Metro projects throughout the GCC are taking shape, with Qatar and Abu Dhabi finalizing plans for their own systems. Qatar is working on plans for an 85 kilometer metro in Doha, due for completion in 2015, while the first phase of Abu Dhabi’s 131 kilometer metro is expected to be ready by October 2015.

Meanwhile, Kuwait announced in 2008 that it may construct a $14 billion rail and metro project, including a 505 kilometer network connecting the capital to its border towns, and a 171 kilometer inner city metro system. Construction will begin in 2011, and is expected to finish in 2016, given that Kuwaiti ministers stop bickering long enough to finalize the metro’s plans.

And finally, Bahrain has postponed work on its integrated public transportation system due to the effects of the financial crisis.

“Part two of study should have started, but due to the financial crisis it has been postponed,” Works Minister Fahmi al-Jowder told Gulf Daily News in August 2009.

“The intention was to start part two of the study in mid-2008, complete it by the end of this year and begin implementing it in 2010.”

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