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Midas, Much? Gold iPads, tubs and other glittering gold extravagances in Dubai.

As the demand for gold continues to rise through 2012, many investors still look at it as a safe investment. And though the first ever gold iPad 3 may not be a conventional investment—it has garnered a lot of interest here in Dubai. Kipp looks at the other shiny objects to keep the gold iPad company.

April 16, 2012 4:36 by

  • Name: 24K gold plated iPad 3

    Cost: More than $5,499 (Dhs 20,000)

    Created by: Gold & Co, a London and Dubai based company

    The 24K gold plated iPad3 will be unveiled at Damas Jewellery in Dubai Mall next week before being auctioned off for charity. If you need persuasion to buy these cool bling-ed out gold iPad 3s,consider the fact that it can handle overheating issues and it is corrosion free-gold is one of the most non-reactive precious metals on Earth.

  • Name: GOLD to go ATM

    Created by: German company TG Gold-Super-Markt

    Vending machines for soft drinks, candy, cigarettes, DVDs and electronics are available at pharmacies and airports as well as other convenience stores, but here in Dubai we do things a little differently. The gold bar vending machine on the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa, dispenses gold bars along with real-time tracking of the fluctuating gold prices. These gold bars sport a logo of the Burj Khalifa with weights to choose from 2.5 grams to an ounce. The lightest one would cost approx Dhs 500. 

  • Created by: Giacomo Arcaro and artist Roberto Martini

    The bathtub is equipped with lifetime Platinum Elite structure with 5 years’ warranty for its electrical and hydraulic parts and 2 years for the outer coating. With Swarovski crystal embellishments, an audio system with subwoofers, custom massage, aromatherapy and an outlet to charge the iPhone (don’t you just hate it when your bathtub doesn’t have a mobile charger?). Excuse Kipp for the pun, but this bathtub would be sure to ‘brighten up’ any bathroom. Don’t you think?

  • Name: 24 Carat Gold Tattoo

    Cost: Starting at Dhs 200 and can go up to Dhs 22,000

    Created by: Precious Skin

    Precious Skin, the world’s first “body-direct” Jewellery at the Burj Al Arab and Westin, offers its customers a special bling-a-ling treat in the form of gold tattoos. These are temporary tattoos made up of 99.9 percent gold. Once applied, the tattoos last up to a week. The actual concept of gold tattoos evolved in Japan, but the Managing Director of Precious Skin, Arnaud Flambeau, thinks this trendsetting tattoo concept will make waves in the Gulf.

  • Name: Golden Audi R8

    Bought by: A Dubai Businessman

    Interesting Trivia: How can we leave behind this golden car in the list of things that Dubai has. What sets this particular R8 apart from all the other GT machines is the fact that this piece of beauty has undergone the Midas treatment and has a gold matte finish that gives it a brilliant reflective surface.


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