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Middle East Women Leaders Awards

Kipp takes you through some of the major winners at the 11th Middle East Women Leaders Awards 2012 which was held this Thursday.

March 11, 2012 4:52 by

  • “I think the whole world is changing and we are a mobilized world and we are a connected world, and we should adopt to that. And for me, I think that driving is more and more possible. Women in Saudi Arabia are very educated, very smart, very opinionated, and they want to change for the generations to come. So I don't see us going back.”

  • “You would be surprised what they can do if given a chance and the right environment. (We recently placed one of the children from the association in ballet classes.) People said, including the instructor, it couldn’t be done, but the six-year-old girl is dancing on her toes, and she is doing it gracefully.”

    -Sonia Al Hashimi

  • I caught a rainbow

    A beautiful rainbow

    And made it mine

    But when the rain stopped

    I lost my rainbow

    My pretty rainbow

    Amid the sunshine

    -Dr. Thuraya al Arrayed

  • “I am the first female filmmaker in Saudi Arabia. My work is dedicated to providing a platform for the unheard voices of Saudi women, and to fostering direct social change for Arab women.”

    Haifaa Al-Mansour

  • "Learning isn't just restricted to schools and colleges - it goes thousands of miles beyond this. Enrol yourself on regular training in or out the country in order to improve your skills and upgrade your performance, and work hard to make your society proud."

    -Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr


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