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Mini Cooper drivers vs Mitsubishi Pajero drivers

Not all drivers are equal, especially in Dubai. Kipp compares two types of motorists: self-obsessed Mini Cooper drivers and aggressive, self-righteous Mitsubishi Pajero road hogs.

Mini Cooper drivers

Drivers’ Egos

It takes an especially style-conscious person to pay the sort of prices Mini Coopers command. Indeed, over AED100,000 for a colorful box on wheels is a lot of money, but according to a number of Mini drivers,  they’re worth it.

But are they? The engine noise in the cabin is high, the car is lower than most and they rattle throughout the entire journey; so what are Mini drivers paying for?

Some say style, and others say the car’s technical capabilities. Kipp feels it’s a little of the latter, but mostly the former. If the Mini Cooper is anything, it’s stylish. Kipp loves its colors and its tiny, but highly intricate little cabin. And there’s something to be said about a car company that encourages Mini drivers to personalize their cars.

Conversely, there’s a lot to be said about buyers who’ll pay extra to buy a personalized car. For many Mini drivers, their cars are statements about their edginess, their style and their youth. That’s a lot of money for a statement. Score: 4

Size matters

In every school there’s a crowd of weirdos that call each other things like “Gee Man” and pretend to not care about what people think of their stupid haircuts. But one day, years after the weirdos graduate from school, one of them miraculously becomes ‘cool’, and all the bizarre things he or she did become stylish and fresh. They seem punchy and zippy, and stand out from a crowd without trying too hard.

That’s what we think of Minis: small and peculiar, but noticeable and undoubtedly cool. Unfortunately, the cool factor seems to get to most Mini drivers, especially as they wind through Dubai’s traffic.

Dear Mini driver,

Your car is small, not invincible. Stick to your lane. Score: 8


Due to their size, Minis can park anywhere. Some drivers have taken that as a challenge, so they park everywhere. We don’t blame them. Score: 10

Final score: 22



  1. Faryal on July 5, 2009 7:39 am

    I have only one question regarding this article isn’t Mitsubishi Pajero a 4×4 and Mini Cooper only a Saloon Car… So where is the comparison…????!!??? It is like Toyota Yaris & Hummer H2 really ppl lets stick to normal comparisons…

  2. LIBIN THOMAS on October 12, 2010 9:19 am

    pleas somebody give me a mini cooper car . I have no mony to buy a car. its not a jok please give me if u can its my last wish


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