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Misuse of public funds in Kuwait

Misuse of public funds in Kuwait

An investigation reveals financial and administrative violations at the Higher Council of the Disabled in the country, reports Kuwait Times.

September 2, 2009 1:38 by

Officials in Kuwait have said that investigations conducted at the country’s Higher Council of the Disabled have revealed several financial and administrative abuses. An investigation committee has collected statements from a number of authorities and employees at the council regarding these violations.

An official source said that a thorough investigation has proved that there a number of individuals who have been given disability benefits without meeting proper requirements, which according to the source, is causing great losses to public funds. He added that these illegal certificates were issued with the help of officials at the council, adding that those violators have damaged the chances for disabled citizens to receive social aid and housing applications.

Furthermore, the source pointed out that a number of officials manipulated the data of disabled citizens in order to raise their level of disability from 35 percent to 60 percent in order to allow them to receive full privileges, including medical retirement.

The source also said that some of the disabled individuals were allowed to continue their studies at foreign schools with the expenses being paid by the council, instead of sending them to public disabled schools in Kuwait.

The Minister of Social Affairs, Dr. Mohammad Al-Afasi, will not tolerate these violations and will be taking extreme measures against those who abused their positions and wasted public funds, the source said. He added that the minister is following all investigation reports and is currently waiting for the results to be finalized in order to determine the fate of employees involved in the matter.

First seen on Kuwait Times.

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