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Mobile TV rings in more profits, says study

Mobile TV rings in more profits, says study

As content sharing among mobile phone users increase, performance and better experience count more, according to Mobile Life.

March 29, 2011 3:44 by

These days, you’re more likely staring down at your phone than talking into it. And it looks like there will be more of the same, if the TNS Mobile Life 2011 study is anything tho go by.

According to the study, social video (10 percent-15 percent) and Live TV (9 percent-12 percent) are registering the strongest growth across all mobile services.

It also finds out that more than half of consumers (54 percent) are interested in video calling, despite not yet using the service and half are interested in watching live TV (50 percent) or in downloading or streaming video (48 percent).

Here’s when more disconcerting images come to Kipp’s mind of drivers watching video clips on their smartphone while in traffic, in addition to the rest of them texting or chatting on the phone.

In any case, apparently populations in Asia, Latin America, the MENA region and Sub-Saharan Africa, demand for Live TV in particular is higher still, reaching upwards of 70 percent.

“Emerging Tier 1 markets, such as China, Brazil and the UAE already have penetration levels that match mature markets,” said James Fergusson, MD, Global Technology Sector, TNS.

“Multimedia content presents an opportunity to leverage growth potential in emerging economies. Income constraints in many of these markets ensure the importance of imaging and video services through mobiles increases.”

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