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How is the yellow squiggly creature, currently smiling on Dubai’s streets, linked to a busty blonde beauty? And where does a Kazakh reporter fit in?

July 13, 2009 6:05 by

Modhesh, the so-called ‘Ambassador of Smiles’ is back on Dubai’s streets, heralding the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS). The yellow creature was originally created in 2000 in a TV advertisement that showed him as a jack-in-the-box, screaming ‘surprise’ as he popped up from gift boxes. In 2001, Modhesh took his current form with a full body and two feet, and has become quite popular.

Modhesh Fun City, an indoor edutainment center, opens every DSS in Dubai and provides lots of activities for children. In 2007, the DSS office spent nearly AED25 million promoting Modhesh as a brand. Modhesh has inspired gifts and merchandise and has a dedicated website. There have even been talks of a Modhesh theme park, and also reports claiming that he has received offers from Hollywood animation studios.

The famous character is being managed by…


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