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Mohammed Ali Alabbar

How is the man behind the world’s tallest tower connected to the girl who survived the war of the worlds? And where does this year’s Noble Peace Prize winner fit in?

October 12, 2009 3:37 by

The chairman of Dubai-based Emaar Properties, the developer behind the world’s tallest tower, Burj Dubai, recently announced the tower will be completed by December 2, the UAE National Day.

“We are shooting for the National Day,” he told CNN. “I think it is achievable; lot of challenges, but we will get there.”

Emaar announced earlier this month that the exterior cladding of the Burj Dubai was complete. “We have about 12,000 people working inside the building and outside trying to achieve the December 2 opening,” he added.

Alabbar, who has been heading Emaar Properties since its inception in 1997, has a vast portfolio; he is director general of the Department of Economic Development, a member of the Dubai Executive Council and chairman of the Bahrain-based Al Salam Bank. A keen golfer, Alabbar used to head the UAE Golf Association, during which time he met the world famous golfer…


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