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Mohi-Din BinHendi

How is the president of the BinHendi empire connected to a controversial journalist known for hanging out with neo-Nazis? We’ll show you.

November 19, 2008 5:28 by

Mohi-Din BinHendi

Mohi-Din BinHendi is an accomplished man. Not only is he credited for bringing in a fleet of international brands to the UAE, but he’s also one of the main drivers for the expansion of the Dubai International Airport.

In 1979, the Ruler of Dubai, the late Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashed al-Maktoum, appointed BinHendi as Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation. For years, he worked closely with the President of Civil Aviation, Sheikh Ahmed Saeed Al Maktoum to expand the airport and all its components. Today, he is a member of the board of governors at Dubai Aviation College, a member of the board of directions at Emirates Golf Club and chairman of the Aviation Advisory Committee at Dubai Men’s College. And top it off, he’s president of a multi-billion dirham empire aptly named BinHendi Enterprises LLC.

But he doesn’t do it all alone. He’s also enlisted the help of one his closest family members…


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