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Moving at Variable Speed

The GCC banking industry’s situation is extremely varied. While it is worrying in Bahrain and Kuwait, in Saudi Arabia and Qatar it is boom time once again, says Ranvir Nayar.

May 21, 2012 3:43 by

It would be remiss of any bank not to have learnt its lessons from the crisis, Vaya­nos adds. Now, banks are doing proper cred­it risk analysis. However, they could still improve their transparency and quality of reporting, while the regulators could ensure more stringent application of the norms, rather than laying new norms.

GIH’s Hasan says that in the long term, business development and controlling NPAs go hand in hand. On one hand the bank needs to expand business and yet it needs to ensure it’s not junk. At the height of cri­sis, the banks indeed curtailed lending and focused primarily on NPAs, but as markets have started to ease they have started to look at balance sheet growth. The banks compete quite aggressively on price and they com­pete particularly aggressively for quality assets – both corporate and retail.


– Ranvir Nayar

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