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“My goal is to be number one”

“My goal is to be number one”

Russian tennis player Elena Dementieva, who won an Olympic gold at Beijing last year, is excited about the ongoing Doha WTA Championship, and hopes to make it to the top spot soon.

October 29, 2009 3:22 by

Kipp: Your ranking has fallen from number three to number five this year.  Are you hoping to regain your spot?

Well, the goal for me is to become number one, and not to become number three again. So, I’m not putting any pressure on myself about the ranking. I’m just trying to work on my game and to improve my game. And if you play well, it shows in the ranking. I’m more excited about playing the championship.

Kipp: You turned 28 earlier this month. What are you hoping this year will bring for you?

Well, after 20, you don’t want to count anymore. I wish I were only 18 years old and at the beginning of my career because that’s the way I feel. But I think that I got some great experience playing for so many years. Every season gives me something different.

For the moment, I don’t feel like I want to retire, there are some goals in my career that I want to achieve, so as long as I feel motivated, I’m going to keep playing.

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