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Nasser Rafi

From powerful chairmen to annoying mascots, find out who runs in the CEO of Dubai Malls Group’s inner circle.

May 24, 2009 5:46 by

The head of Emaar Malls Group is an IT fanatic. That’s not why Emaar hired him, but it helps that he’s interested in gadgets; Dubai Mall, reportedly the world’s biggest mall, is packed with them.

Since he was appointed CEO of Emaar Malls Group, Rafi has been in the public eye frequently. He’s spoke at introduction of The Shark Dive at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in Dubai Mall, and made numerous statements a press conference revealing the soon-to-be-completed Sega Republic. Luckily for Emaar, Rafi’s a good speaker, otherwise the introduction of more over-the-top Dubai offerings would’ve pushed shoppers over the edge.

Maybe not.

In any case, Rafi has had practice speaking in public. Prior to working at Emaar, he was the managing director of Hamptons International, Middle East. And before his stint at Hamptons, he worked in Dubai’s Police force alongside his father.


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