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Network of… Naomi Campbell

It turns out she doesn’t always hang out at The Hague with war criminals. Here’s a look at some of the supermodel’s super

August 5, 2010 9:08 by

London-born Naomi Campbell is one of the most famous models of all time. As one of the original “supermodels” she has appeared on over 100 magazine covers, on runways across the globe, in music videos, films and on TV. She has even tried her hand – or more accurately, her voice – at singing.

She has made history as a pioneering black woman in the modeling industry, but has also made headlines and gained a reputation for having a short and violent temper. Here’s just a few examples: In 2000 she pleaded guilty to assault on her then assistant (the infamous telephone-hotel room incident); in 2005 an Italian actress claimed Campbell punched her in the face; in 2006 there was another phone incident, this time involving her housekeeper who needed stitches. Campbell wound up with community service and anger management classes for that one. There are more, but we don’t have the room…

She’s not all bad, however, and has done extensive work with numerous charities, particularly in Africa. And she is one of the driving forces behind Fashion for Relief, which raised millions for victims of Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti earthquake.

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