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Network of… Sepp Blatter

A big believer in harnessing the global appeal and magnetism of football, Sepp Blatter says the sport can contribute to economic and social advancement.

June 24, 2010 4:57 by

Sepp Blatter believes in the power of football to effect radical social and economic change. FIFA’s eighth president has forged a lifelong career out of sport, and says he’s committed to leveraging the passion, energy, and star power of the game to the betterment of the world’s most vulnerable.
An accomplished athlete himself, the Swiss born Blatter played football for his country’s amateur league, served as General Secretary of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation, and has enjoyed prolific careers in sports journalism, public relations, and Olympic Games organization. He served in various capacities with FIFA for 23 years before assuming the headship.
He said that “football is synonymous with theatre and entertainment… an endless source of passion and joy.”
From philanthropists and athletes, to politicians and business people, Blatter’s career puts him in league with some of the world’s most influential and powerful people.
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