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Network of… Sir Steve Redgrave

One of the greatest Olympians there ever was is in the UAE, but why? Click here to find out, and to see some of the names in the great man’s address book.

March 8, 2011 5:00 by

If you sat down and wrote all the things that make Kipp special out, you’d be there a long time. Not because of all our glorious achievements, but because you’d be hard pushed to come up with anything worth writing. That isn’t true of someone like Sir Steve Redgrave.

The British man is one of only four Olympians to have won a Gold Medal at five consecutive Olympic Games. And yes, that pretty much makes him much better than you or me. But why is Kipp mentioning him to draw such unflattering comparisons? Simple: He’s here in the UAE, lending his clout to the UAE’s Olympic dream.

Well, sort of. He’s promoting the London Olympics, and the UAE is just one stop on his travels. Speaking at the Leadership Centre in Dubai, Redgrave told top officials from the country’s various sports associations and federations: “I sincerely hope you do bid for an Olympic Games here as an event like this would be fantastic for the entire region.”

But he had a few words of caution about the bid: “You need the government on board and you need the backing of the people on the promise that you will leave behind a solid legacy for the future,” he said.

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