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Network of the Group Buying Bandwagon

Whether the recent news of acquisitions and IPOs is a sign of even better days to come for social buying or just a passing phase, there’s definitely a lot of newcomers hoping to catch the tail-end of this sector’s meteoric rise.

August 1, 2011 2:50 by

With Cobone being the latest online group buying site to be taken over by Jabbar Group, following the first (and so far biggest) news of LivingSocial nabbing local brand GoNabit, Kipp wonders if there’s enough long-term interest for those at the tail end of the social shopping bandwagon. So while the next stage for the market leaders is the launch of IPOs with both Groupon and LivingSocial planning one this year. So what future lies for the rest of the players? Reports vary but there are roughly 30 discount websites currently operating in the Middle East with Cobone,, and GoNabit being the largest in the region. Will any of these following sites have a chance to step into the spotlight? Or is group-buying just a passing phase? Click ‘next’ to see the network of Group Buying Bandwagon.


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