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Nima Abu-Wardeh

The presenter of BBC World's Middle East Business Report, how is she linked to a handsome Hollywood heartthrob who plans to design a building in Dubai?

November 13, 2008 6:34 by

Nima Abu-Wardeh

Avid BBC World watchers will recognize Nima Abu-Wardeh as the face of the channel’s weekly financial programme, Middle East Business Report, which is based in Dubai. Nima is the founder of MZone, a content provider and consultancy service specializing in media and business issues relating to the Arab world. She also provides media training for both organizations and individuals, including courses for university students.

A popular media personality in the region, she is a frequent moderator at several conferences and events such as the regional gatherings of the Arab Business Council and the World Economic Forum. One of the several panelists that she interacted with during the WEF last year include the CEO of Dubai’s latest airline…


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