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Nine in 10 Emiratis happy-go-lucky?

Emirati satisfaction and happiness

In April, the UN placed the UAE in the top 20 happiest nations in the world and now a new survey takes a closer look at 'Emirati Satisfaction'

August 15, 2012 10:08 by

Earlier this year, the United Nations had released a report revealing the results of a ‘happiness index’, which in effect, ranked the 20 happiest nations in the world based on specific factors like household income, education, lifestyle and general standard of living. Among one of the happiest countries was the UAE.

The UN elaborated, while promoting the validity of its research, that the report was intended as a measurement of social and economic health. Personally, Kipp thinks that it is nothing more than to feed the curiosity of humans and their desire to see different countries competing for an emotion. According to the report, the poor African countries dominated the list of the ‘least happy’ nations, based on the pillars that the survey rested on of course.

In light of Kipp’s love for a going through a good list, a new survey by TNS MENA has caught our eye. It declares (‘wow factor’) that 9 out of 10 Emiratis are either satisfied or “very satisfied” with their quality of life in the United Arab Emirates. In fact, they are so satisfied that they ranked closely behind the world’s happiest citizens, who live in European countries including Denmark and the Netherlands.

If Kipp wasn’t so unorthodox, we probably would have grinned at the results of this survey. Reading positive news about the level of happiness of human beings first thing in the morning is bound to brighten up your day right? On the other hand, Kipp can’t help but think that a more interesting survey would have been revealing the cause of dissatisfaction of the other (statistically speaking, that is) 9 percent and what needs to be changed for that number to improve.

The survey was conducted through 2011 and 2012 questioning approximately 5,000 Emiratis across the country. They were asked to rank their satisfaction from 1 to 5 based on their level of happiness with education, healthcare, financial situation and general quality of life. Many cited the royal leaders as being the beacons of encouragement that push to improve Emirati life. The salaries being averagely higher than other GCC nationals, free housing, education and safety were among the other reasons.

The National quoted Abdulhannan Kareem, a 29 year old Emirati saying they owe it all to the leaders. “They have given us houses, education, health care, jobs and a great, peaceful country which we love so much.”

Below is the list of the happiest nations in the world in Descending order:

Denmark, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, US, Costa Rica, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, UAE, UK, Venezuela and Iceland.

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