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Nine out of ten people searched for you online

Nine out of 10 people search for you online poll reveals how we judge others based on online presence

September 29, 2013 3:55 by

In a world where social media continues to impact every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional, it comes as no surprise that we judge others – and are judged – based on online presence.

Creating (and maintaining) a powerful personal brand is more important than ever, according to the results of a poll by, adding that nine out of ten respondents search the internet for people they have just met or are about to meet.

The Personal Branding in the Middle East and North Africa poll reveals that 54.3 per cent says they are aware of the concept of personal branding, with 81.9 per cent that claims to have searched for themselves online using search engines.

More importantly, not only will most people (or companies) search for others on the Internet, seven out of ten say they have changed their mind about someone based on their online presence. For instance, eight out of ten believe that their online photo greatly affects how they are perceived.

Despite most participants acknowledging the importance of having a strong professional personal brand, 21.1 per cent simply have no idea where to start, with regards to formulating one. Nearly 37.6 per cent are worried about privacy, while 14.7 struggle to distinguish themselves from others in their field.

Social media can make or break your career

Whether or not you feel that privacy is a major issue, there’s no running away from the fact that many companies (41.5 per cent) ‘always’ search for new hires online, before recruiting.

If your profile is non-existent on the web, you may feel more secure about your privacy, but it could also risk costing you your dream job.

Approximately 69 per cent agree that social networks are excellent at allowing users to convey key strengths at a professional level, with 92 per cent insisting that a personal online brand increases career opportunities.

“The time has never been more apt for people in the Mena region to start shaping and monitoring their online presence,” says Suhail Masri, vice-president of sales at

“Developing a strong online personal brand, as the poll shows, is essential not only for job seekers, but also for ambitious professionals at different career levels and in all industries looking to move up the corporate ranks and connect with peers, employers and clients.”

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