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Nine To Five: No More!

Nine To Five: No More!

Eva Fernandes is the first to advocate for flexi-timings at the work place. Who’s with her?

March 22, 2011 5:46 by

Quite possibly the most interesting comment on the issue came from Regus CEO Mark Dixon, who said “We can all recognise our own worst experiences in the findings of this survey…of course, at Regus we advocate flexible working location and hours to avoid the stresses and strains of commuting which can have such an adverse effect on employee’s productivity, motivation and happiness.” (Side note: we found that when a similar survey was conducted in Scotland, Celia Donne, Regus Regional Director made the exact same comment verbatim. Now if that isn’t corporate synergy for you, we aren’t quite sure what is.)

But that had us thinking of the UAE’s rather rigid working hours: how many companies in the UAE really do allow their employees the flexibility to begin their day at work a few hours later than the rest of the white collars? Not only would such hours improve traffic every morning, but so too would it improve productivity, creativity and general morale of employees.

So what do you think? Do enough employers in the UAE make allowances for flexi-timing?

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