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No answer on iPhone 6

The Apple Macintosh Symbol Over The Entrance Of Apple Store

When can we get our hands on the iPhone 6 here in the UAE? No one knows.

August 6, 2014 7:15 by

By Florence Pilkington

According to industry insiders, the iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled in the US on September 9. But details on when and if it’s UAE bound are lacking.

Telecom providers Du and Etisalat have no information on the iPhone 6. Neither does Apple distribution company iServe. “At the moment we have no information or news on the design or when the iPhone 6 will come out in the UAE,” says iServe’s IT Sales Consultant, Renjith Raghavan.

But it’s coming to the UAE, right?

“The iPhone is normally released in the US and will then come to the UAE one month later,” Raghavan adds. “With specific apps such as Facetime being blocked in the UAE, the release becomes more and more delayed.”

As rumours surrounding the latest iPhone continue to intensify, we’re left waiting to see if – and how long it is before – the UAE can have a taste of the latest Apple iPhone.

Until then here are some rumoured specs to keep cravings at bay:

– A larger screen, which might be 4.7- to 5.5-inches, or even both. Some speculations have said that two versions of the smart phone will be released
– 128 GB of internal storage
– The new iOS 8 operating system
– Wireless charging
– Will be able to connect to Apple’s iWatch….. once that is also released
– A8 processor
– A screen made of sapphire glass
– A light field camera

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