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No ID cards for expats, says FNC

No ID cards for expats, says FNC

The FNC has issued a report recommending that the UAE national ID cards should only be issued to Emiratis. Why couldn’t they have thought of that before?

December 18, 2008 2:37 by

According to a report in, the Federal National Council (FNC) has recommended that the national ID cards be issued to Emiratis only. The recommendation comes only days after the government postponed the deadline for professional expatriates and government employees from December 31, 2008 to February 28, 2009.

The Emiratis Identity Authority (EIDA) has admitted it needs more time to process cards for the approximately 5 million residents of the UAE.

The FNC said the government should issue labor cards, not national identity cards, to expatriates: “The goal is to have a comprehensive database about those who work in the country,” the committee members wrote in a report. “The ID card should only be given to citizens,” said Mohammed al Zaabi, a member of the FNC.

The FNC is an advisory body that issues and passes recommendations to the cabinet. The cabinet then decides whether to adopt the FNC’s recommendations.

After all the trouble thousands of people have already gone through, after the hours spent waiting in line, dealing with frustrated and under staffed EIDA employees, and after all the money expatriates have paid for applications, why is the FNC coming up with its recommendation now?

What if the cabinet approves the recommendation? Will the government reimburse expatriates who paid for their ID cards?

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  1. Robert on December 21, 2008 8:46 am

    hahahahahaha! What a joke!

  2. Joanna on December 21, 2008 9:23 am

    This is not the final decision. Bet you anything they will come up with a new conclusion at the beginning of next year.

  3. Donna on December 21, 2008 9:25 am


  4. Rasha on December 21, 2008 9:27 am

    Its always a joke here, act first and think latter.

  5. Mary Mae Villarubia on December 21, 2008 1:37 pm

    i am saddened by this report, we have come a long way to abide by the rules, to get everything done before deadline. it is so dissapointing and really frustrating because our money, effort and time spent has been a waste. If this news is true, FNC should learn the importance of implementing a law that would benefit humankind not only its people, but by the people and for the people. Tough and firm law must be observed, to prevent dissapointments and inconvenience. So what are we going to do with the card? what benefit would it give us? are they going to refund/give back our money?( this is just only a comment and not intended to hurt/ judge anyone)

    thank you and warm greetings

  6. angry expat on December 23, 2008 8:51 pm

    First it was announced in July that you can apply for the card but not everybody took it seriously and the goverment did not push everybody to apply for the it. And then what , their website was rediculously oiverloaded, and then that was an excuse for the EIDa to make poeople spend money to but the appication form from a post office and still suffer the waiting time. How ridiculous is the government is to make everyone suffer to get this card and then the FNC comes saying this card should have been issued only to the locals!!! The card is useless to us we already have labour cards. And go fix your website and make the process simpler like it is in Europe and America and stop making this stupid card a headline news every day on TV and the newspapers, its just creating more jobs for locals and more agony and suffering to all of us expats, not to mention the Dubai Municipality that are evicting legitimate people who have a right to keep a roof over our heads but what does the government is claiming? that it is bad for the environment to have so many people sharing the garbage and utolities, well excuse me but how about all the construction that is going on in this country and the dust and polution from labourerers and labour camps howcome locals open their doors for us to come here and then they torture us with their imperialist laws. This country has become an unbearable place to live in.

  7. syed.k.zafar on December 24, 2008 2:05 pm

    if we think from the eyes of a responsible official from the Govt. of UAE it will be most wise step ever taken.Because Govt. can plan in each segment & very strong step to enhance best possible security for all of us But to make millions of $ from expats does not look good, where nationals are paying just 1/3.

  8. Urban Preacher on January 19, 2009 4:14 pm

    No surprise here at all.People complain about how the process takes time away from their precious lives.This is why it is called a process,’s not like fast food (although,that is even a process sometimes here)
    Ever think that if the government wanted everyone to have specific ID card the would have kept on extending the deadline until everyone was accounted for?
    I’m not worried.I know I will have a card that would hold my life within it.Maybe I do already have one.Ever hear of credit cards?
    There are more important issues to think about in life. Rent, racism, discrimination, and civil injustice to name a few.
    Maybe this is a rant,maybe just a voice.
    I would like to write an article where I can rant and rave.But,I cant.
    I think the UAE government is working miracles with the residence of this country.(I’m not being sarcastic)

  9. Martin on January 19, 2009 6:04 pm

    Dubai used to be fun, despite all hypocrisy. It has turned into a place where one can only consider getting on a plane and out of here. Every day things become more ridiculous. In the world of Nakheel “What next?”

  10. KH on January 21, 2009 11:22 am

    This is such a joke! I feel deeply humiliated by such decisions. I wish they had clever people makind such decisions.

    Please to respect my opinions.

    Thank You,

  11. savio on January 22, 2009 12:12 pm

    i have a suggestion. y not just issue ID cards everytime an expat renews his/her visa? everyone wud get done in three years time! or better still, wudnt a laminated version of ur visa page suffice?

  12. MB Ostvig on February 3, 2009 1:42 pm

    I did everything I thought was required to be a good expat citizen in this country. I mailed in my application in October…. 120aed. It was not returned to me with bar codes until Dec 17th. In the mean time worried my bank account would be frozen I got up at 4am to get in line….told by the security guard…don’t wait you won’t get in. Came back the next night at 12:30am and waited in line till 8am. Endured rain and rioting by the crowd….No help, no card. Came back in January waited from 2pm till 7:00pm..finished application process and the cards came this week. I am out 720dirhams, hours of worry and frustration to be told it was all for not. Next time they issue an order, I might not be willing to hurry and comply as a good law abiding expat should.


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