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No new driving licenses for expats

Kuwait deporting low-paid workers

Kuwait will also inspect all university documents submitted by expatriates over the past decade.

June 23, 2013 6:04 by

Until changes are made to current regulations, Kuwait will not allow any expatriate residents – with the exception of household drivers – to obtain new driving licenses.

This decision was taken by Interior Ministry assistant undersecretary, Major General Abdulfattah Al-Ali, who said that the ‘freeze’ would last until further notice, according to daily newspaper Kuwait Times.

Kuwait, recently dubbed in a global travel and tourism competitiveness survey by the World Economic Forum as one of the least friendly countries in the world, will also carefully examine all driving licenses issued (to expatriates) over the past decade to ensure that forged university degrees weren’t used to acquire them.

In April, minister of social affairs and labour, Thekra al-Rasheedi, announced the state would be deporting 100,000 expats every year for the next 10, to reduce the number of foreign residents by one million.

Al-Ali, who was appointed a few months ago, says officers have been instructed to go through all university documents submitted by foreigners in the past ten years, particularly after 2006. Those found in violation of this law will be deported, he says.

The Interior Ministry is also revoking driving licenses of foreign students who have graduated and housewives. Travel bans may also be slapped against violators to force them to pay their traffic fines, says Al-Ali.

Over the past 10 years, Kuwait has imposed strict prerequisites for foreigners to obtain licenses. Before being able to drive legally – unless you’re employed as a driver – residents must earn a minimum of AED5, 177 a month, have lived legally in the country for at least two years and hold a university degree.

Reports indicate that roughly 12,000 foreigners have been deported from the country over the past two years over driving misdemeanours and KWD24 million worth of issued fines. As of earlier this month, a medial segregation at public health facilities has already been imposed, whereby only Kuwaiti patients will be treated in the morning.

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