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No sleeping on site

No sleeping on site

The Dubai Municipality has banned construction companies from building temporary accommodation on work sites. It’s about time.

May 10, 2009 1:29 by

A senior official has announced that temporary accommodation for workers on construction sites will not be allowed, reports Gulf News.

Previously, the Dubai Municipality granted companies six month renewable permits for temporary accommodation at work sites to help developers meet their deadline. The permits were granted under strict regulations for contracting companies to provide proper sleeping quarters, drinking water, dining facilities, toilets, waste removal, pest control and first aid.

“A few years ago, there was a need for this temporary labor accommodation to be built on project sites, but today there is no need”, Hussain Nasser Lootah, director-general of Dubai Municipality told Gulf News.

The government “will not compromise on this issue,” said Lootah. Worker accommodations in the UAE have recently come under the international spotlight and received harsh criticism from Human Rights Watch after last month’s BBC documentary Panorama showed laborers living in cramped quarters.

Since the documentary, the UAE have made several announcements about improving workers’ living conditions. The country recently announced that a Decent Work Country Programme was being developed with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), in consultation with the Ministry of Labour.

On April 23, the ministry announced new regulations for labor camps to limit the number of workers per room. It was also announced that temporary accommodation will be set up for workers who are engaged in disputes with their employers so they are not left homeless.

An industrial development, which will house 32,000 workers, is to be built in Al Gharbia in Abu Dhabi. The development, which will accommodate different levels of workers, is scheduled for completion in 2011.

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