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Nokia charging back with full force

Lumia 925 Group - High-Res

Middle East VP says people still have a place for them in their hearts...

May 15, 2013 11:48 by

To date, the Lumia family has sold 14 million pieces across the globe – 4.4 million in last year’s Q4 and 5.6 million in the first quarter of this year; signifying a 27 per cent growth. Farrell says they’re extremely encouraged by the response and that compared to three years ago, their strategy appears to be working. The company has had three consecutive quarters of profitability with a strengthened balanced sheet and 10 billion Euros in cash – much stronger than 12 months ago. “We’re much healthier now than we were,” he says.

Like every company, Nokia does keep a watchful eye on the competition and tracks what’s happening today as well as tomorrow, but Farrell believes that focusing on great products and innovation will bring them success and place them in the leadership position.

“It’s all about innovation. It’s in our DNA and our heritage, and now we have several examples of us being there first,” he says. “The point is to connect technology to how people live their daily lives. Over the next ten years, the biggest opportunity – and risk – for the industry is how to create technology that keeps us human rather than disconnect us.”

Technology should complement us and innovation should be human, he adds. The first wave of powerful technological innovation was focused on the ‘what’. The second revolved around ‘who’ – and with it came social networks that took the world by storm.

According to Farell, the third wave – one we’re currently entering as we speak – is driven by the ‘where’.

“And we’re in the prime position for that upcoming wave,” he says.

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