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Nokia charging back with full force

Lumia 925 Group - High-Res

Middle East VP says people still have a place for them in their hearts...

May 15, 2013 11:48 by

On Tuesday morning, approximately 4,000 miles away in London, Nokia adds yet another addition to its Smartphone family; bringing the total to six releases in the past six months. The Lumia 925, to be officially launched in the Gulf in September, is introduced as a ‘new interpretation’ of its existing flagship, the Lumia 920.

Back in Dubai, Kipp Report speaks exclusively to Tom Farrell, Vice President of the company in the Middle East as he strongly points out that – especially as far as this part of the world goes – people still have a place for Nokia in their hearts and that traditionally, this region is a strong one for the Finnish group.

On a side note, we’re also told that an extensive, lengthy legal process was necessary before they were able to publicly claim that Lumia 920 is the most innovative Smartphone in the world. “Let’s put it this way, nobody challenged us,” says Farrell.

“What you’re seeing from Nokia is a very fast innovation cycle, much faster than before,” says the visibly excited VP. “We want to drive the industry and take leadership and that means being better and faster.”

With the release of the Lumia 920 and 925, Nokia brought a lot of firsts into the market including the first optical image stabiliser on a Smartphone, wireless charger technology, the best mapping software in the world and real time traffic and navigation updates; compliments of a partnership with the RTA in Dubai. Farrell says that with new innovation, Nokia is able to set higher standards in the industry for others to follow.

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