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November 6

November 6

Dubai’s Hidden Victims of Recession; Fears of a New Bubble; Why Big Oil is Back in Iraq; Dubai’s Retro Makeover; 10 Objects That Changed the Future

November 5, 2009 3:08 by

Dubai’s Hidden Victims of Recession

Thousands of illegal workers in Dubai were hit hard by the recession, and have now been left stranded in the city, says The Financial Times.


Fears of a New Bubble

Efforts by governments to restore recovery could cause a risk to real estate, stock and currency markets, says The Wall Street Journal.


Why Big Oil is Back in Iraq

Oil companies are finding it harder to resist the huge volume of crude oil in Iraq. But this could cause tensions in Opec, says Business Week.


The Mystery of the Rising Stock Market

Stocks in the US are rising despite the country’s economy remaining stagnant. Slate says the reason is disturbing.


My Father, the Drug Lord: Pablo Escobar’s Son Speaks

Juan Pablo, son of the world’s most violent drug lord, tells Time magazine about his father’s brutal legacy.


Dubai’s Retro Makeover

CNN checks out pictures of Dubai taken by French photographer Martin Beck with a 150-year-old camera.


10 Objects That Changed the Future

A slideshow by Life features some of the most influential inventions that helped shape the future.


10 Most Bizarre Services

Oddee tracks some of the weirdest services offered by companies across the world, such as sending your last wishes by email after you die, and standing in queues for you.

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