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Crude oil is one of the main market drivers across the world, and according to experts, its current rise could help the region recover faster from the financial crisis.

May 25, 2009 4:27 by


The IEA has said that world oil demand in 2009 will contract by 2.56 million bpd, or 3 percent, to reach 83.2 million bpd, the sharpest annual decline since 1981. It said in a report that “continued oil demand weakness is premised on strong economic recovery later this year remaining elusive.”

Earlier this month, the IEA also said that “global oil refinery throughput will fall 3.1 million bpd in the April-June period from the same quarter last year as demand for refined oil products will remain weak.”

However, Saudi Arabian oil minister Ali Al Naimi claims the price of oil will reach $75 a barrel when demand picks up. “We’ll get there eventually,” he told reporters in Rome recently. “The trick is keeping it between $70 and $80. It will be achieved as demand rises and the fundamentals are better than they are now.”


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