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On the move

On the move

Dubai Police refutes claims it will fine drivers AED5000 if they are caught using their mobile phones.

March 22, 2009 2:52 by

Human relations managers are advising employees of a rumor that Dubai Police, together with the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) will fine drivers who talk on their mobile phones AED5,000 and impound their cars for 15 days.

Dubai Police, however, denies the rumors. The police officer, who declined to give his name, said offenders are fined AED200 and given four black points if they are caught driving and talking on their phones without a hands-free set.

Furthermore, the Dubai Police and RTA websites have not announced any changes in the fines for the offense.

Drivers who accumulate 24 points will have their drivers license revoked, and will not be allowed to apply for a new license for six months.

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