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Online recruitment myths busted

Online recruitment

HR study reveals companies do find senior management via the internet.


September 18, 2013 3:06 by

To clear a few common misconceptions and myths, a new HR study reveals how businesses in the Middle East region hire senior management and how potential candidates prefer to apply for vacancies.

The report, released yesterday by recruitment experts Cazar, which analysed 619 senior hires and more than 350,000 applicants, reveals that the common belief that recruiting senior management cannot be done online is wrong.

Senior candidates prefer to engage directly with employers online – more so than entry level or middle management candidates. The report also suggests that employers no longer need executive recruitment agencies, because they have become adept at finding candidates online.

In fact, senior applicants shied away from applying for vacancies on a generic application form or sending their CV to public email addresses, by preferring to engage with the employer directly through the company’s career website, instead.

Candidates who apply for senior roles through online professional networking platforms, have a 37 per cent chance of getting hired.

“Quality senior candidates know who they want to work for, so they directly go on those employers’ career websites. That is why it is so essential for these companies to present content that is attractive to potential applicants,” says Guy Rickett, CEO at Cazar.

Rickett states that companies with smart online recruitment strategies often get a surplus of qualified candidates, which “should be every employer’s objective”, adding that it is the fastest, easiest and most cost-efficient method of recruitment.

“Companies in the study have a comprehensive online recruitment strategy; a well-designed, content-rich career website and an application process with role-relevant questions. No quality senior applicant will submit their CV to a generic application form or email address. They want to engage [directly] with the employer,” he adds.


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  1. James on September 19, 2013 9:39 pm

    This is what i call self promotion. Obvisouly cazar wants to sell its services. Senior Executives can’t apply directly to employers. The whole concept of executive recruiter is looking for a senior executive who is successful and convincing him to join a competitor. Employer are not interested in senior executives actively looking for a position, this is a fact.


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